Fontblock was founded in 2012 in the heart of the Midwest, flatland country. Where your trade is your identity and your craft is sacred. The first Fontblock timbers were design and built for our friends and ourselves. The pieces quickly became focal points, garnering lots of hey-where’d-you-get-that from admiring house guests.

Soon enough, our hobby became our profession.

Today, Fontblock remains primarily a marriage of two elements: clean typography and organic surfaces. Typically, fresh-sawn hardwood serves as our main substrate, but we often work with canvas and other surfaces. We love the tactile, the natural, and the interesting. We’re also big fans of found items, so the inventory here changes regularly.

Custom orders are welcome here. The design process fuels our passion so we’ll happily personalize most of our items. And because we want everything to be perfect, we provide you with a detailed proof and quote before we craft anything. Upon approval and payment, we’ll produce your custom product and arrange delivery.

That’s it. Clean and simple—just like our handcrafted products.

Questions? Just ask. You can email us at If you prefer the old-fashioned route, call 317-450-3456.